Retired Breeders For Pet Home only



 She's a sweet girl, I will be choosy with the home she goes to. She can be grumpy in the mornings, but once she opens up to you, you hold her heart.



Clara: She doesn't huff, she chuckles. Its pretty cute....but she is slow to warm up to folks. She would be best with an experienced owner.



Janet is a crotchety lady... until she is offered a yummy treat... then she is extremely eager to please



Oscar is my baby.... and the sweetst old man ... but he is old, thus the lower fee. Please. ONLY to a pet home with hedgehog knowledge.



She is a good girl and still young. But she doesn’t breed well, so I am re-homing her to a pet home.



Sweet old man after he wakes up. He is partial to walking around and bugging the cat....