Retired Breeders For Pet Home only



Esme is one of my first ever Hedgehogs. She is about 3. She would do well in a home with kids or a school setting. she is super sweet, and has a special place in my heart. I will be picky with where she goes. 

if interested, please text or email me about why you believe you are the best fit.



Cranberry is a sweet hedgehog, she is about a year old, and would be ok to go to a breeding home, she is a proven mom, and very attentive. she would be fantastic in a pet home too.

If you want her to breed, you must be USDA licensed 



Confetti is a beautiful reverse pinto in dark red, almost black eyes. She is very kid friendly, and would do well in a home where she can be held and played with.



Vader is a special boy. He was very excited to do his job with the ladies, and got his eyes poked out for his trouble, poor lad... this doesn't stop him, and he is in wonderful health for a 4 year old hog. He loves to eat and he is an absolute sweetie. Pet home only, and I will be picky. 



Relic was held back to be added to the breeding program, but alas, he does not like lady hogs, other than to be a friend with. He is super sweet and friendly and there isn't a mean quill on him. Would be a wonderful first hedgehog pet.