About Us


Experienced Breeder

I have been breeding small animals since I was a child growing up on the farm. Hedgehogs are just my latest venture. I was in 4-H and other animal clubs. I got started with hedgehogs when my friend re-homed hers to me, and I never looked back. My husband calls it my "prickly little problem".


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

My first priority as a hedgehog breeder is to ensure happy and healthy animals. All of my hedgehogs come with a LIFETIME guarantee against WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome) and up to six months trade back guarantee for cancer. They are unique pets and I only want the best for them.

My hedgehogs leave their mothers at 6 weeks. Sometimes this is longer if a hedgehog is not up to the proper size or weight. I only want my hedgehogs to live full and healthy lives, so i make sure I send them on their way only when truly ready.


A Cactus Friend

My herd is know for the variety of colors and patterns that I produce, and their friendly and curious outlook. All of my hedgehogs are handled daily by myself and my children, and are raised around dogs and cats. At 4 weeks old I start taking them to parks and other places to socialize them and let new people handle them.