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Cactus Flower Exotics Mission Statement

Cactus Flower Exotics is a small in home USDA licenced Exotics Breeder in Eastern WA. We focus primarily on Hedgehogs, but also dabble in Toy and Mini Australian Shepherd Dogs. We do monthly deliveries to Seattle/Tacoma/ Portland area, and we enjoy attending Exotic expos to better educate people and enhance their experience of the shows. 

We are proud to be a class "A" USDA licenced breeder, with multiple 5 star reviews to back our customer service. 

All our animals are handled daily and given one on one love and attention. 

Hedgehogs are a unique and amazing pet, and we strive to produce not only amazing colors, but also amazing personalities and temperaments. 

We take our business and good name seriously, and promise to always be available to answer any questions you might have, whether its about a animal you purchased from us, or not. 

-Christina Bowers, owner and operator


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Hedgehogs and Salmonella


As you may have noticed hedgehogs have been receiving some negative attention for being potential carriers of Salmonella. 

I would like to remind you that Salmonella is present everywhere in our world. Many many cases are reported to the CDC each year, and even more go unreported. While most Salmonella infections come from food, you can get it from other places and from animals.

Any animal can carry Salmonella, not just hedgehogs or exotic animals. 

Proper hand washing techniques are important to remember. Before and after playing with your spikey little buddy, and of course after cleaning their enclosure. Help young children with washing their hands, and help them to understand the importance of good animal care habits.